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Pour Over Made Easy

The pour over brewing method is a straightforward, easily-mastered way to produce a clean cup of coffee (without the difficulty of Chemex brewing. We'll have a separate post on Chemex).

 If you typically drink drip coffee, you'll notice that this method produces something similar, yet distinctly more nuanced.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 28 Grams of Coffee (please use a scale) (uses at 16:1 ratio)
  • Hot Water (just off the boil 30 seconds or 195 degrees) 16 oz.(454 grams)
  • Pour Over device (this time not Chemex)
    • Hario V60 Ceramic Brewer
    • Kalita Coffee Brewer



Step 1

Take your beans and grind them to the coarseness of sea salt. Usually the courses grind your grinder has. This is a great time to get a burr grinder :)

Step 2

Place your filter into the pour over device. Pour in some hot water and saturate the filter (and to remove any "paper flavor", heat the brewer, and warm your mug). Dump out.

Step 3

Pour your coffee into the filter and gently shake it (to even everything out). An even bed makes for a great cup of coffee.

Step 4

Begin pouring the water, starting from the center of the grounds and gently spiraling outward working to saturate all of the coffee in your filter. Your coffee will now bloom, let it bubble for about 30 seconds allowing the CO2 to escape.

Step 5

Finish pouring the rest of your water. The entire brewing process should take under 3 minutes so pour carefully.

Step 6


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