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Coffee Recipes Quick Start

Here is a quick cheat sheet on the common ratios for some popular brewing methods. Also check out our great selection of coffee!

  • Pour Over
  • French Press
  • AeroPress
  • Drip Coffee Maker

At the bottom of the page check out the handy grind guide.

In all cases I use grams and a scale to weigh the beans. I know it is a bit of a pain, but it is the most accurate way to get consistency. Listed is also a "target" that I use for many coffees. If you like your cup a bit bolder go towards the higher end of the gm/oz scale. The target is the weight is where I expect to bring out many of the nuances of the flavors. Try it and then adjust from there!

As a general rule, it is 17:1 (water/coffee) ratio...and then make adjustments to taste. I also use grams to weigh the water even though water is not typically measured in grams but will give us a starting spot.

Pour Over Coffee

Brew time should be under 3 min 30 sec. with med/course grind at 195-202 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water (ml) / 0z. Coffee (gm) Coffee (oz)
1,000 ml / 30 oz. 48 gm (45-56)  1.7 oz (1.59- 2.0)
500 ml / 15 oz. 24 gm (22.5-28) .85 oz (.8-1.0)
250 ml / 8.5 oz. 12 gm (11.3-14) .43 oz (.4-.5)

French Press

Brew time 4 Minutes with course Grind at 195-202 degrees Fahrenheit

How to brew with a French Press.

Water (ml) / oz. Coffee (gm) Coffee (oz)
1,000 ml / 30 oz. 59 gm 2.0 oz.
500 ml / 15 oz. 29 gm 1.0 oz.
250 ml /8.5 oz. 15 gm .5 oz


There are so many techniques (you'll see in the videos) but here is the basic based on using the upright method.

Brew time is 20-40 seconds after a 10 second stir at a 175 degree Fahrenheit with a fine grind.

 Water ml / oz. Coffee (gm) Coffee (oz)
2 Mark on Chamber
(makes 8 oz when finished)
15 gm to 22 gm .5 oz. - .8 oz

4 Mark on Chamber
(makes 16 oz when finished)

30 gm 1 oz.

Drip Coffee Maker

Medium Grind

FORGET the "cups" listed on the brewer and or coffee... use the ratios here.

Water (ml) / oz. Coffee (gm) Coffee (oz)
1,000 ml / 30 oz. 59 gm 2.0 oz.
500 ml / 15 oz. 29 gm 1.0 oz.
250 ml /8.5 oz. 15 gm .5 oz

Grind Size Guide



Extra coarse

Cold Brew Coffee


French press, percolator




Cone shaped pour over brewers, flat bottom drip machines, siphon coffee, Aeropress (with 3+ minute brew time)


Cone shaped pour over brewers, Aeropress (with 2-3 minute brew time)


Espresso, Moka pot, Aeropress (with 1 minute brew time)

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